2014 Bay Street Mile
Monday, 22 December 2014
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John Hardy The Quiet and Talented Moore’s Island Exterminator
Written by Cherolyn Moss    Saturday, 20 December 2014 17:09   

“I am fine and still feeling great after the victory,” were his comments after he and his teammates first place strong performance in the 400m relay at the Fast Track Odd Distance Meet held this past weekend in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Hardy who was missing in action for the most part last season due to injuries, proved to the audience that he is back. It seems during his absence, Hardy was not discouraged as according to him, coach encouraged him to hang in there and not to worry. “Coach told me I would return and dominate and do what he is supposed to do and that is what I am here for, starting off from today.”

Hardy is determined to be a member of Team Bahamas at the 2015 CARIFTA Games. John hopes to qualify in both the 200 and 400 meters. He plans to do something great this upcoming season. “I plan to do something big for The Bahamas next year God spares life. Today was good and I know next year I can do better.”

We are certain that Hardy and the other members of the Moore’s Island Exterminators would continue to excel on the track; this would be minus a few athletes however, as a number of senior athletes have now gone to college. With the absence of those members, it is now time for Hardy and the other senior athletes to “step up to the plate” in terms of leadership role to ensure that the team does continue excelling.

Hardy says he is ready as is very appreciative to the seniors who taught him to be very confident in himself, to have faith and always believe he can do it. “That is what I go by and I learn to listen to my coach and train hard.”

So what is this senior’s advice to the younger guys? “Always be discipline, work hard and have a lot of respect for your coach.”

Bahamas Athletics wishes Hardy all the best in his 2015 “come back” season.

The hardworking and determined Rocky Lewis
Written by Cherolyn Moss    Saturday, 20 December 2014 17:09   

Bahamas Athletics caught up with Moore’s Island very determined and hardworking athlete, Rocky Lewis. Lewis had just completed his race at the Fast Track meet held in Grand Bahama last weekend; as with the other athletes, Rocky too was using that meet to prepare for the 2015 season.

He may have fallen short at the 2014 CARIFTA trials but he is determined to do well in his 2015 season. Unfortunately, his hard work and determination did not pay off at those trials; “I wasn’t feeling my best but decided to do my best for my coach and my teams,” says Rocky. That disappointment would not deter this athlete however, Rocky says his goal is to be the best 800 and 5000 meter runner; “I want to break the record for the 800 and 5000 meters.”

At the Fast Track meet, Rocky displayed his talent and made a strong showing; this despite competing in the same race against Olympian Andrae Williams. Rocky said despite being told that he could not beat Williams, he was very proud when he did in fact, defeat the Olympian.

So for now, Rocky returns to Moore’s Island to continue training with his coach and teammates; Rocky says he and his teammates are very close and are not just a team. “We look at each other as brothers, we work together as a team and a family; we all stick together.”

With regards to his coach, many are aware of the Moore’s Island coach who not only trains his athletes but he has also opened up his home and become a father to his athletes. Rocky says he is very thankful for Coach Williams and thanks God all the time for bringing coach into his life. “If it wasn’t for coach, I don’t know where I would be. Coach gives me a number on my back and I give him the guts!”

Bahamas Athletics congratulates Rock and wishes him all the best in his 2015 career.

Written by IAAF    Friday, 19 December 2014 15:43   

Monaco –The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) welcomes the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announcement of their three-person Independent Commission that will investigate the serious doping allegations recently aired in a series of German television documentaries.

As previously confirmed in a statement issued by the IAAF (4 Dec) which followed the first German broadcast, with regard to matters revealed in the documentary related to anti-doping and, therefore outside the scope of the IAAF Ethics Commission, these will be studied carefully and dealt with according to the relevant IAAF rules and in full co-operation with WADA.

“The IAAF takes this opportunity to reiterate its full support of the WADA investigation,” said IAAF President Lamine Diack. “Our primary concern must always be to protect the integrity of competition in support of the vast majority of clean athletes, and we look forward to working with WADA to this end.”

In addition, the IAAF takes this opportunity to state that the independent IAAF Ethics Commission’s investigation into related and separate allegations made against certain individuals and the administration of the sport, will ensure all matters of concern are thoroughly and rigorously examined.

To underline the independence of the process it should be noted that the IAAF Ethics Commission is not required to keep the IAAF informed or consulted about the initiation, details or progress of an investigation.

For more information about the IAAF Independent Ethics Commission please go to:http://www.iaaf.org/about-iaaf/documents/rules-regulations

Ryan Penn preparing for the 2015 season
Written by Cherolyn Moss    Friday, 19 December 2014 15:32   

Bahamas Athletics was pleased to catch up with Bahamian athlete, Ryan Penn at the Fast Track Club Odd Distance meet. For those who may not be familiar with Ryan, Ryan is no stranger to track and field having come up the junior and senior ranks as a sprint athlete. Ryan, a recent Louisiana State University graduate has also competed for The Bahamas on many championships including CARIFTA, World Youth, World Juniors, Pan American Juniors and also Junior CAC.

“Looking back on it all now, you just can’t stop; track and field is something I love.” We may not have seen Ryan for some time as he has joined the corporate world since graduating but he told us that he has in fact been training for some time and like the other athletes, competed at this meet to determine his readiness for the upcoming season. “I think I did a good job today,” were his thoughts on his performance.

As at any other track meet, the talent of the local Grand Bahamian athletes was exceptional; Ryan was also impressed with the local talent and believed they performed very well especially the juniors. With regards to the overall performances, Ryan is off the opinion that GB athletes should do well in the 2015 season. “We have a strong team, not only juniors but seniors as well. We are trying to get some of the senior athletes who have stopped running but still have that talent to come back; we truly believe that in 2015, the Grand Bahamian athletes would shine,” says this proud Grand Bahamian.

So one may ask what is Ryan’s immediate goals in terms of his athletic career. Ryan, who like most athletes, has had his share of injuries, says his desire is to get back into the shape he was when he was a junior. “My goal is to be strong and go for it an try make the team to represent The Bahamas; try represent GB.” Ryan who has a passion for track and field told us that his long term goal is to help the youths of The Bahamas especially the Grand Bahamian athletes. “I believe that Bahamian athletes can do plenty stuff in the world especially the track and field athletes.”

For now, Ryan who is doing quite well in terms of his health, promises to continue training and taking care of himself. All this, while performing a very interesting day job as a dolphin trainer. Ryan who majored in biology, says he loves working with the dolphins and from a child, his dream was to be a dolphin trainer. “It’s a great job and it keeps you calm and helps you with stress.”

Bahamas Athletics wishes Ryan all the best in his athletic and professional career.

Written by IAAF    Thursday, 18 December 2014 10:26   

It has become an annual tradition that the IAAF publishes its end-of-the-year reviews on the IAAF website. The 2014 series, which is composed of 10 event category reviews, will begin on Monday (22).

The authors once again are the renowned statisticians A Lennart Julin (SWE) and Mirko Jalava (FIN), with the race walk reviews provided by Paul Warburton (GBR).

The analyses of 2014 begin with a look at the race walks (22 December) followed by the relays (Tue 23) and combined events (Wed 24).

After the Christmas day break, the only day in the year when the IAAF website is not updated, the reviews continue with throws (Thu 26), jumps (Sat 27), hurdles (Sun 28), road running (Mon 29), long distance (Tue 30), middle distances (Wed 31), and the series concludes with the sprints (Thu 1).

The event category reviews will then be followed with a look back at the 2014 IAAF World Challenge and the 2014 IAAF Diamond League.

Please note that the IAAF website will be updated on a daily basis throughout the seasonal holidays with the exception of 25 December.


Read more at : http://www.iaaf.org/news/press-release/2014-end-year-athletics-reviews?utm_source=141218-PR-event-reviews&utm_medium=silverpop&utm_campaign=2014%20end-of-year%20reviews%20begin%20on%20Monday&utm_content=article-arrow
The Inspiring Olympian - Andrae Williams
Written by Cherolyn Moss    Wednesday, 17 December 2014 13:50   

Also competing at the Fast Track Athletics Odd Distance meet in Freeport, Grand Bahama was Olympian Andrae Williams. Andrae a Grand Bahamian, says he decided to participate and lend his support to the organizers as well as to encourage the athletes and “take them out of their comfort zone.”

Williams is off the belief that encouragement is very important for an athlete’s development; “If a child runs in a race with an elite athlete or an athlete they look up to; this would show the child that they can do it too. Athletes today need someone to say you are great,” says Williams. “We need to encourage them and not discourage them,” added the proud Olympian.

Having won the Silver along with his teammates at the Beijing Olympics, Gold at the 2008 Pan American Games and Silver at both the 2005 and 2007 World Championships; William’s presence on the track should have really been a source of encouragement and motivation for the athletes.

From our discussion with Williams, it is clear that he really has a passion and goal of assisting and mentoring the young athletes. “It should not be about the coach, it should be about the athletes. We need to take our knowledge and pump it into the athletes and not be selfish.” Williams is off the opinion that coaches should work together for the betterment of the athletes; “If one coach has the expertise in a certain discipline, another coach should be in a position to send that athlete to that coach in order to help enhance the athlete’s skills.

We were very pleased and surprised to see Williams at the meet; Williams said like the other athletes, he too used the meet to determine his fitness and focus on any issues he may have. Williams who has had some injuries in the past, says he is now injury free and his overall health is very good “thanks to God for healing me.”

For now Williams goal is to make the podium in 2015. Bahamas Athletics looks forward to seeing Williams on the podium soon albeit a local meet or on the World’s stage.

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