Coach Dianne Woodside-Johnson Impressed with Williams Johnson Cross Country Class

The Williams Johnson Cross Country Class was held at the Blue Hills Golf Range on October 14. Club Monica Athletics founder and coach Diane Woodside-Johnson, recently talked about the event, her athlete's participation and also what to expect from them in the future.

Woodside-Johnson was very pleased with the number of athletes participating in the 1, 2 and 3-mile races.  She was also impressed and pleased with the 35 club members who participated, which exceeded the anticipated numbers. Given that they are mainly a sprint and hurdles club, the fact that most finished did not go unnoticed.

When asked what this event does for the athletes at this stage of the season, coach Woodside-Johnson says it helps with their volume training in terms of their total mileage. Generally, the athletes run in spurts of 200, 300 and 400 meters, but running a mile or two is acceptable for this stage of the season.

With the increase in cross country events at this time of year, coach Woodside-Johnson was asked about her thoughts on the schedule. She is clearly pleased with this increase as it bodes well for the distance program at Club Monica.  It gives her a chance to observe the athletes closely to see which ones can handle the long distance. Those athletes are then harnessed and trained in the right direction.

Coach Diane Woodside-Johnson is well respected and one of the top track coaches. With her leadership and work ethics of the athletes, expect Club Monica Athletics to produce many solid long-distance runners for years to come.

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