Open National Records, Men Women

Event Perf Athlete Venue Date
100 Metres 10.84 Chandra Sturrup Lausanne, SWZ 5th July 2005
200 Metres 22.19 Debbie Ferguson Saint Denis, FRA 3rd July 1999
400 Metres 49.07 Tonique Darling Berlin, GER 12th Sept. 2004
800 Metres 02:04.8 Vernita Rolle Atlanta, USA 23rd May 1998
1500 Metres 04:39.09 Hughnique Rolle East Stroudsburg, PA 21st April 2012
3000 Metres 10:26.39 Hughnique Rolle Williamsburg, PA 5th April 2012
5000 Metres 18:05.25 Hughnique Rolle Bethlehem, PA 27th April 2012
Marathon 54:37.0 Giselle Pyfrom Jacksonville, FL 16th Dec. 1995
3000 Metres Steeplechase 11:59.0 Jessica Ferguson Indianola, USA 12th April 2003
100 Metres Hurdles 13.2 Ivanique Kemp Eugene, OR 28th May 2011
400 Metres Hurdles 56.85 Michelle Cumberbatch Charlotte, NC USA 29th May 2010
High Jump 1.81m Kenya Culmer Wichita, KS 6th May 2012
Long Jump 6.81m(0.7) Bianca Stuart Mayaguez, PUR 17th July, 2011
Triple Jump 13.66m Jackie Edwards Nassau, BAH 20th June 1997
Shot Put 17.23m Aymara Albury Knoxville, TN. USA 26th May 2006
Discus Throw 52.52m Laverne Eve Houston, TX USA 24th May 1990
Hammer Throw 60.41m Aymara Albury Auburn, AL. USA 6th April 2007
Javelin Throw 63.73m Laverne Eve Nashville, TN. USA 22nd April 2000
Heptathlon 5,368 Carmel Major Baton Rouge, USA 6th June 1987
(14.10w, 1.53m, 10.94m, 25.09- 5.35m, 45.52m, 2:18.21)
4x100 Metres Relay 41.91 Bahamas World Sevilla, ESP 29th August 1999
(Savetheda Fynes, Chandra Sturrup, Pauline Davis-Thompson, Debbie Ferguson)
4x400 Metres Relay 3:29.53s Bahamas National Philadelphia, USA 25th April 2009
(Christine Amertil 52.1, Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie 51.7, Sasha Rolle 52.1, Shakeitha Henfield 53.5)
100 Metres 9.91 Derrick Atkins Osaka, JPN 25th Aug. 2007
200 Metres 20.16 Michael Mathieu Belem 6th May 2012
400 Metres 44.40s Christopher Brown Manchester, ENG 29th July 2002
800 Metres 1:49.54s Christopher Brown Oslo, NOR 6th June 2008
1500 Metres 3:45.72s William Johnson Maracaibo, VEN 17th Aug. 1998
3000 Metres 8:43.59s David Bell Austin, TX 17th May 1983
5000 Metres 14:00.54s O'Neil Williams Philadelphia, USA 23rd April 1993
10,000 Metres 31:23.00s Phillip Watkins Nassau, BAH 14th May 2011
Marathon 2:34:00.00s Delroy Boothe Jackson, MO. USA 1987
3000 Metres Steeplechase 9:43.20s David Ferguson Jacksonville, FL 18th Dec. 1999
110 Metres Hurdles 13.38 Shamar Sands Long Beach, USA 4th May 1992
400 Metres Hurdles 49.46 Greg Rolle Ostrava, CZE 17th June 2009
High Jump 2.38m Troy Kemp Los Angeles (W),USA 15th May 1983
Pole Vault 4.89m Brent Vanderpool Nice, FRA 12th July 1995
Long Jump 8.41m Craig Hepburn Nassau, BAH 1987
Triple Jump 17.59m Leevan Sands Nassau, BAH 17th June 1993
Shot Put 18.35m Bradley Cooper Beijing, CHN 21st Aug 2008
Discus Throw 67.10m Bradley Cooper Guadalajara, MEX 15th June 1979
Hammer Throw 36.90m Stan Moss Nassau, BAH 14th June 1986
Javelin Throw 70.04m Dale Davis Nassau, BAH 1980
Decathlon 7421 Antonio Greene Nassau, BAH 22nd June 1991
11.03, 6.95m, 14.68m, 2.05m, 51.07,- 15.30, 41.48m, 4.20m, 52.14m, 4:56.96 )
4X100 Metres Relay 38.98 Bahamas National San Juan, PUR 29th July 1989
(Renward Wells, Andrew Tynes, Iram Lewis, Dominic Demeritte)
4x400 Metres Relay 2:57.32s Bahamas World Montauban, FRA 15th Aug. 2000
(Nathaniel McKinney 44.9, Avard Moncur 44.6, Andrae Williams 44.43, Christopher Brown 43.42)

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