Junior National Records, Men & Women

Event Perf Athlete Venue Date
100 Metres 11.19 Debbie Ferguson Knoxville, TN 3rd June 1995
200 Metres 22.7 Shaunae Miller Nassau, BAH 22nd Feb 2012
400 Metres 51.25 Shaunae Miller Nassau, BAH 27 May 2012
800 Metres 2:06.27s Vernita Rolle Baton Rouge, USA 18th March 1995
1500 Metres 4:43.97s Hughnique Rolle Montego Bay, JAM 22nd April 2011
3000 Metres 10:27.3 Hughnique Rolle Montego Bay, JAM 24th April 2011
100 Metres Hurdles 13.51 Krystal Bodie Nassau, BAH 28th June 2008
400 Metres Hurdles 57.24 Katrina Seymour Mayaguez, PUR 16th Jul 2011
High Jump 1.78m Sharon Rose Santo Domingo 10th July 1981
Long Jump 6.41m Daphne Saunders San Juan, PUR 29th July 1989
Triple Jump 12.90m Tamara Myers Freeport, BAH 24th Jun 2011
Shot Put 17.09m Aymara Albury Oxford MS, USA 16th May 2004
Discus Throw 49.66m Chafree Bain Nassau, BAH 21st July 2000
Hammer Throw 52.61m Aymara Albury Baton Rouge LA,USA 17th April 2004
Javelin Throw 47.52m Tracy Morrison Guadeloupe 17th April 2006
Heptathlon 4,489 Melinda Bastian Overland Park, USA 25th April 2003
4X100 Metres Relay 44.32 Bahamas World Bydgoszcz, Poland 11th July 2008
(V’Alonee Robinson, Sheniqua Ferguson, Tia Tolle, Nivea Smith)
4x400 Metres Relay 3:33.43s Bahamas Junior Moncton, CAN 25th July 2010
(Rashan Brown, Amara Jones, Katrina Seymour, Shaunae Miller)
100 Metres 10.39 Grafton Ifill III Grosseto, ITA 13th July 2004
200 Metres 20.78 Michael Newbold Les Abymes 31st March 1986
400 Metres 46.34 Troy McIntosh Dedham 22nd May 1992
800 Metres 1:25.27s Ramon Miller Windsor, CAN 29th July 2005
1500 Metres 3:53.10s David Bell Port Of Spain, TRI 8th July 1994
5000 Metres 15:27.85 Leonardo Forbes Nassau, BAH 9th June 2012
3000 Metres Steeplechase 9:47.68s David Ferguson Nassau, BAH 1997
110 Metres Hurdles 13.67 Shamar Sands Kingston, JAM 20th July 2002
400 Metres Hurdles 51.11 Nathan Arnett Providenciales 8th April 2007
High Jump 2.28m Ryan Ingraham Nasau, BAH 12th May 2012
Pole Vault 4.26m Brent Johnson Port of Spain, TRI 19th April 1987
Long Jump 8.04m Joey Wells La Habana 26th July 1983
Triple Jump 16.58m Allen Mortimer Odessa, TX USA 17th May 1996
Shot Put 15.17m Reginald Sands Nassau, BAH 7th Feb. 2004
Discus Throw 48.85m Gerard Burrows Nassau, BAH 15th Mar. 2012
Hammer Throw 36.90m Stan Moss Nassau, BAH 1980
Javelin Throw 69.94m Kevin Smith Nassau, BAH 1989
Decathlon 6,694 Ron McPhee Nassau, BAH 26th July 1985
(10.97, 7.19m, 10.80m, 1.84m, 49.31,- 15.44, 35.30m, 3.70m, 48.08m, 5:17.42 )
4x100 Metres Relay 40.16s Bahamas Juniors Nassau, BAH 16th June 2012
(S. Jones/ J. Farquharson/B. Bartlett/ T.Smith)
4x400 Metres Relay 3:08.56s Bahamas Carifta Les Abymes 17th April 2006
(Demetrius Pinder, Juan Lewis, Carlyle Thompson, Jameson Strachan)

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